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          Each year, 校园部 invites students to apply to become Peer & Pastoral Servant Leaders through an application and interview process for participation in our Introductory Freshmen and Sophomore 同行部 Classes and our Junior and Senior Peer & Pastoral Ministry classes and after school Servant Leader Ministry Program.
          The Peer & Pastoral Ministry Program at Belen Jesuit Preparatory is composed of High School students who have been trained to accept the role of spiritual leaders among the student body. They assist in the planning and execution of various liturgical activities throughout the year, serving as lectors at school-wide Masses and leaders of retreats for each grade level. They are committed to building up the Body of Christ at Belen Jesuit in their formal roles as student servant ministers as well as informally by their good example in daily student life.
          Students in this group go through a formative Peer & Pastoral Ministry Training program (in conjunction with or in addition to the Campus Ministry 同行部 Classes) to develop skills as servant leaders in the area of peer & pastoral ministry; i.e., evangelization – faith witnessing, peer support and group facilitating. The Peer Servant Leader After School Ministry program also enables any and all students who are not able to fit the Peer & Pastoral Servant Ministry classes into their class schedules to become Peer & Pastoral Servant leaders in balance with their other commitments – “Becoming 男人为他人 as Contemplatives in Action”! At the beginning of each school year, a peer servant leader training workshop is facilitated by the 校园部 “S.A.L.T. (Servant and 领导 Training) Crew” composed of volunteer members of the faculty, staff, and administration.
          Peer Servant Leader opportunities also include ministry as part of our Liturgy & Worship Teams through our Altar Server group and Lector group outreach and training programs as well as Music Ministry and as Liturgy & Worship Ministers of Hospitality. These volunteer peer servant groups provide some of the most important ministries in the experience of worship in our Church. 



          • Photo of 埃德蒙 新生

            博士。 埃德蒙 新生 D.Min。 

          • Photo of 基督教 萨恩

            FR。 基督教 萨恩 ,s.j.,博士 95

          • Photo of Zilkia. 杰瑞斯

            太太。 Zilkia. 杰瑞斯 

          • Photo of 乔纳森 桑切斯

            先生。 乔纳森 桑切斯 

          Belen耶稣州的同行仆人领导人占据了最高责任,从协调学生信仰分享经验,以及在我们社区的牧师和服务计划中的同伴浸入经验,以及协助校园部计划的发展和协调。同伴部长预计将作为仆人领导者和“别人的男人“ 作为基督的故意门徒!
            - Loyola的圣格尼斯
          Belen Jesuit预科学校
          500 SW 127th Avenue,迈阿密,FL 33184
          电话: 305.223.8600. |传真:305.227.2565 |电子邮件: webmaster@belenjesuit.org.
          Belen Jesuit预科学校成立于1854年,在哈瓦那,由西班牙女王Isabel II。教育学生的任务被分配给耶稣协会(耶稣队)的牧师和兄弟,其教学传统是学术卓越和精神纪律的代名词。 1961年,古巴的新政治制度没收了学校财产,并排出了耶稣会教师。该学校在同年迈阿密重建,在未来十年中,继续增长。今天,Belen Jesuit坐落在西德德县的30英亩,距离迈阿密市中心仅有几分钟的路程。

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